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Shanghai MUCE Wind Power Equipment Co.,Ltd Solemn Statement

Update: 2011-11-3  

Recently,there are some information and photos about vertical axis wind turbines similar to ours online frequently, which creates some problems for our customers.In order to clarify the facts, to crack down the counterfeit and shoddy products, and to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers, we give this solemn statement as follows: The vertical axis wind turbine(VAWT)system is our patent technology( PatentNo.ZL200420081310.2 、 ZL201130393295.0 、 ZL201130393304.6 etc). As the patent holder, we have not never authorized any brokers and agents for product promotion and sales.

All promotion and sales with the fraudelent use of our company name have nothing to do with us. Any illegal products manufacture, production and sales without our authorizatio n Shall be subject to legal liabilities.

Any question, please contact us. Contact number: 021-56555108 

Thanks for your attention!

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