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We, Shanghai MUCE Wind Power Equipment Co.,Ltd. (MUCE), were established in 2003. In the early days our products were mainly for the telecommunication departments of the People's Liberation Army, while now for the civil units. Most of the members of the board of the directors are of rich experience in different fields, some in the technical field with high status authorized by the military enterprise,  some in the science research field while the others in the company management.  

We have a strong and advanced research and development group consisting of a number of talent doctors, masters and bachelors etc. once worked in the army, in the Chinese Academy of Science and in some prestigious universities. They are respectively strong in the theory of aerodynamics, structural mechanices and electromechanics. We have paid the special attention to the new technology and the usage of the new products.

We have developed our distinctive vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)on the bases of the aerodynamic theory and with the rich rare data gained from the numberless tests done in the wind tuunel test laboratory. By using the finite element calculation, we have also created the world-class coreless permanent magnatic generator. The most advanced DSP+FPGA and PLC systems have been successfully adopted in the control and inverter systems of the VAWT. By years of efforts in researching, testing, producing and using, our products are getting mature. The number of customers are increasing.

We regard the high quality of the products as the lifeblood of our company. For this purpose,the production facilities are well-equipped.There are hundreds of superior units of different sizes and capabilities in the factory including the numer lathes,milling machines,grinding machines and the numer punching-grinding machines,liquid press and wiring machine etc.. We have set-up the wind-tunnel laboratory, the generator test-bed, the electrical testing machine, the testing control machine and the testing equipments specially for the in-grid items. Besides we have also set up our own small size wind testing field. 

The company management is of 9S management and we have won the 9000 certificate. We got the CE certificate in 2005 and we have also won some national certificates in different fields. We have received more than 10 patents of invention, utility model and appearance. Our VAWT system with the patent no.ZL200420081310.2 has been titled as the high and new technology and allowed to be transfered into production by Shanghai High And New Management Department. Our company standard on our VAWT system with the standard no.Q/VAKD1-2007 has been approved and meanwhile adopted as Shanghai municipal standard by Shanghai Municipal High And New Technology department. And we have been authorized to have the right to do the exportation business as well.

We are mainly manufacturing the following 4 kinds of VAWT systems: the straight blade type, the arc vertical blade type, the S-form blade type and the gunwale blade type with the rang from 150W - 1250KW.We have sold thousands of all kinds of VAWT systems with the total capacity of about 5000 KW to more than 30 countries and regions including USA,UK,Germany, Austria, Korea and so on. The number of exportation is still increasing rapidaly,100% yearly.This kind of VAWT systems are suitable to be installed on the roof, on the island and at the village for the use of road lighting, telecommunication and sea food yard. By using of these VAWT systems, 120000 tons of carbon dioxide have been reduced. 

We are full of confidence and ready to dedicate our all efforts to fight for a low carbon and clean globe benefiting the human being. 

We are now cooperating with the national scince and technology research institue to research and develop the world-class 6000 KW VAWT system.

Light up the world with the wind power.
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