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The application and solution of microgrid system

Update: 2011-11-4  


In the past several decades, the eletrical power system which can adjust itself continuously through a varity of controller with the complex power flow and has better robustness to the most of interference. It has become a large-scale internetwork system with centralized power supply and long-distance power transmission. Along with the increasing electricity load in recent years, but the grid construction has not been developed simultaneously, which give rise to the increasing long-distance transmission capacity and the rising dependence of power grid on the foreign power, accordingly, the stability and security of the grid are declining. With the rising prices of oil, coal and convertional energy sources and and reduction of the amount of them, the energy supply will continue to be tight. It has become an important issue to make rational development and utilization of clean and efficient renewable energy, which has become main way to solve the energy problems in the future. Since our microgrid is a small-scale decentralized autonomous system, it has followed the grid with the basic form and characteristic---both power generation and electricity, not only having the power point, but also the load one. We can integrate a large number of modern technologies of new energy power. The micro grid system is composed of gas turbine, renewable energy sources, (including wind turbine, solar panel, marsh gas), energy storing device, relevant load and monitoring, and protective device, etc. It is connected to the user side directly to achieve self-control, protection and management. It not only can be a in-grid system, but a out-grid one. After years of accumulation of experience, MUCE takes the advantage of the vertical axis wind turbine(Patent No. ZL 200420081310) to make power-supply schemes which are applied to the communication, base station, island, building, etc. The microgrid system mainly aims at managing the distributed power supply and power generation which are be allocated by the centralized control. Application scheme

To give a description of the components of this system, it is made of several wind turbines, solar panels, and diesel generators.The power of the wind turbine is decided by the environmental conditions and wind resources, while the installation conditions and light resources will determine the utilization area and power of the solar panel, the power of the diesel generator is as a supplyment, when wind and solar power generate electricity preferentially, the diesel generator will become an added power generation from the first set, to meet the need of the power load.(See chart 1) Power Supply System: To ensure the principle of precedence of the ‘A' class of electricity loads, including military power, communication electricity, hospital electricity, etc important load power( See chart 2). ‘B' class of electricity loads ---industrial production power(See chart 3) and ‘C' class of electricity loads ---household consumption will be as a supplyment. The power generation system keeps top principle that using wind and light as the first priority, to achieve ‘A' class of electricity loads, insufficiently, supplement gradually by the diesel power generation; If there are no wind, no light, no oil, energy storage devices will assort with power generation and power supply system, to ensure the ‘A' class of power load, and the second occasion, when the power of wind and light are full-loads, it cause excess electricity, so it can be grid to power park, in order to achieve thepurpose of micro-power management.(See Grid topological graph)


The simple example aboved shows that the microgrid is a new technology and a system which make use of clean energy, including wind power and solar power to realize the power supply. It lays the foundation for prospective the application of Distributed Principle to the microgrid system.

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