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Yin science & Technology Boosts Developmeny of Global Wind Power Industry

Update: 2011-11-6  

Protect the environment and return blue sky to the earth! This idea has become the consensus of most people in recent years. National policies guide domestic manufacturers to develop towards "greeness". Environmental protection in the context of industry is undoubtedly developing towards energy conservation, emission reduction, cleanness and no pollution. According to the judgement of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the Scientific and Technological Development Routes in Major Fields in China by 2050, the field of energy and resources is one of the fields where scientific and technological revolution is most likely to occur. Featured by cleanness and low consumption, wind power industry is greatly promoted by the state in the last five years and enters a period of rapid development. China had an installed capacity of 25,805.3MW in 2009. By 2010, the total installed capacity reached 42GW, up 62% than 2009. The development of the industry is very fast. On the other hand, the installed wind energy capacity only accounts for 2% of the total installed capacity of power sources. The production of wind power equipment, especially the production of blades, in China still remains in the mode of handcraft workshop. The blade cutting technology is laggard. The labour shortage that swept across the country in 2009 in particular severely restricted the production of wind power equipment. These are hidden troubles for the generally thriving power industry. Seeing opportunities and crises facing domestic wind power industry, Shanghai Yin Science & Technology Co., Ltd, China's first hi-tech enterprise setting foot in global high-end automatic NC cutter industry and a global expert in soft materials, began to enter the wind power industry from 2009 as a leader in the automatic NC cutter industry, and grows rapidly with a strong momentum. If we compare the development of an enterprise to the growth of a person, the growth of Yin Science & Technology is undoubtedly splendid and legendary.

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