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The wind turbines market of Europe

Update: 2011-11-8  

The EU is still leading the wind turbine market with over 40,500 MW of installed capacity at the end of 2005, representing 69 % of the global total. In 2005, the European wind capacity grew by 18 % (see also page 16 for an EU overview, and pages 18, 20, 22 and 24 for country reports on Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK). The EU wind turbine market has already reached the 2010 target set by the European Commission of 40,000 MW five years ahead of time. Moreover, growth is now happening in a greater number of countries, including new wind turbine markets such as Portugal and France. The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) predicts that by 2010, wind energy alone will save enough greenhouse gas emissions to meet one third of the European Union's Kyoto obligation. The general trend shows that the EU sector is gradually becoming less reliant on a few key wind turbine markets, and other regions are starting to catch up with Europe. The growth in the EU wind turbine market in 2005 only accounted for about half of the total global new capacity, down from nearly three quarters in 2004. In the EFTA countries (mainly in Norway), 110 MW were installed during the year 2005, taking the total up to 279 MW. The EU accession countries now have 28 MW of installed capacity, 20 MW of which in Turkey.

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