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The letter of customers

Update: 2012-2-3  

Vertical axis wind turbine(VAWT) is a new renewable energy product, it has brought a new energy resource revolution to the human beings. Shanghai MUCE Wind Power Equiment Co.,Ltd(MUCE) has developed, manufactured and sold such product for about 10 years, and has accumulated technology, process route,manufacturing management, marketing and sales and a series of development track. It sets a precedent for the development,production and marketing of the global new energy resources.

At present, there are some other VAWT manufacturers counterfeiting MUCE’ products completely or partially. In addition, some raid the market through promoting the imitated wind turbine under the guise of VAWT hot market.

Firstly,Tegular-type. In theory,the running torque of this kind of wind turbine after rorating for one weeks is between 0.01~ 0.1,a result of moment of force minusing resisting torque.It means that the efficiency is 0.01~0.1%。Although such wind turbine is cheap,the rotational structure is very weak and is easy to produce vibration, and wind resistence capacity is very poor.

Secondly, Arc-type. MUCE made a reserch in the past that this type has the running torque 0.1∽0.15. It only can be employed with low wind speed and small power.The prie is lower.

Thirdly,H-type. But this type of baldes is a liitle different from MUCE’blades. The main difference is that the way of the installtion of the blades and connectors, such blades adopt outward concave surface and inside convexity.l The running torque is similar with the second one, 0.1~ 0.15. It means that it has the same features with the second one.

The advantages of MUCE’VAWT is that the running torque is 0.3~0.5. Many customers get back to choose our products after using the first two types wind turbines. As we all know: a one-price goods, we should select the products with reasonable price and high quality.

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