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We are the muce wing wind power equipment Co. Ltd., vertical axis wind turbine developed an application of wind farm and its use are as follows;

In the existing wind farm, our production of 150kW/350kW vertical axis wind turbine arrangement placed on the horizontal axis wind turbine, using two kinds of different types of wind power generator composed of three-dimensional wind farm, which is a new concept, is also the only route; he's a huge market, with the original investment is equal to the number of wind farms the estimated total investment amount of the global wind turbine wind farm is more than RMB 5 trillion, our 10 year plan, the first implementation of the first step trillion;

1, do not have to buy the land, the use of the original wind farm will be able to achieve, saving the cost of this part of the investment;

2, without additional open layout cable channels, using the original line;

3, single wind farm in 2.0MW in the 150kW layout, vertical axis wind turbine wind farm machine more than 2.5MW 350kW in the layout, small volume and light weight, simple installation, convenient access to the grid;

4, for example: 4 units around the horizontal axis wind turbine arranged 49 Units of the original wind farm in the unit area of 2 times the amount of power generation, the overall increase in the economic benefits of the wind farm;

5, vertical axis wind power generators in the volume price than the horizontal axis of 2% or more.Sales price and cost ratio greater than 25%.

6, the application in the area of low wind resources, the effect is also very good;

Please note the following:

A, wind farm investors are invited to seize the time to fight for the first;

B, there are funds of the brothers, please seize the opportunity to invest in us, not limited to the amount of money, not limited to the geographical location, not limited to domestic and foreign, not limited to investment;

C, have knowledge of the government officials to assess the situation and grasp the concept of global environmental protection, we support stereo wind farm, for mankind with your strength;
In order to realize the goal of three-dimensional wind field, this is a sacred object.

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