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1、Brief Introduction of the Products: 
FGDM1.6-360KW ( GUPS ) is the wind power - solar energy multi-compensated power system using the natural wind power and the solar energy producing the electricity for the usage of daily life, lighting and other kinds of power supply. this kind of turbine is good of the rolling way and noise-free. So it can be installed almost everywhere shuch as on the top of the house and the advertising board. this GUPS system is of easy erection, operation and automatic control.

2、Technical Specification
Vertical Axis Wind-Power Turbine (VAWT):                Solar Energy Bo
Power: 1.6KW 3.2KW 6KW 12KW 30KW 60KW         Power: 200W 500W 1000W 5000W 10000w
Height: 7m 7m 9m 9m 12m 20m                                 Length:  2.2m 3.8m 5m 10m 12m
Wheel: 2m 3m 4m 6m 10m 12m                                 Width:  1.3m 2m 2.5m 4m 8m


       Controller Power:1.6~60KW   
       Input Voltage:48~400VAC
      1 Output Voltage:48VDC  220V380VAC  
         Showing Screen: Voltage, Current, Charging, Discharging
        Wind-power Tubine System Output:1~50KW 36~220V3AC
        Start wind speed:2.5m/s  
      2 Working wind speed:2.5-35m/s 
         Break System: By hand the wind speed of 36m/s
        Max. Wind speed allowed: 60m/s(at a glance)
      3 Solar Energy Board:100W~10KW
        Rated output voltage:48~380V
      4 Battery Group: 100AH~10000AH   48V~384V  

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